High Friction Round Suction Cups

Suitable for movement of pieces of various size and shape.

Reinforced internal structure ensures that lifted objects are not deformed and increases friction force in applications with force parallel to the grip plane.
Works very well on oily sheets or glass panes and very wet marble.

Recommended for applications of handling sheet metal parts in the automotive industry.

Good drainage capability means a secure and solid grip and consequently ensures accurate positioning of the load to be moved.

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High Friction Round Suction Cups
Code Datasheet Cup Diameter (mm) Thread Material Stock Price
(exc VAT)
19GTN.N.14.030.00 30G1/4"NBR 1 £32.39 (£38.87 inc VAT)
19GTN.N.14.040.00 40G1/4"NBR 1 £33.71 (£40.45 inc VAT)
19GTN.N.14.050.00 50G1/4"NBR 1 £36.81 (£44.17 inc VAT)
19GTN.N.14.060.00 60G1/4"NBR 1 £39.03 (£46.84 inc VAT)
19GTN.N.14.080.00 80G1/4"NBR 1 £44.37 (£53.24 inc VAT)
19GTN.N.14.100.00 100G1/4"NBR 1 £49.69 (£59.63 inc VAT)