Foam Rubber Round Suction Cups

This has a density that allows gripping even on very rough an irregular surfaces.
Remains elastic even after several working cycles.

Especially suited for moving loads with course or very rough surfaces such as:
Sawn, bush hammered or flamed marble, oiled surfaces
Texured, non-slip or ribbed/corrugated sheets.
Brick or items made of rough concrete, tiles etc.

Recommended for handling loads with lifting force parallel to the surface.

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Foam Rubber Round Suction Cups
Code Datasheet Cup Diameter (mm) Thread Material Stock Price
(exc VAT)
19VTN.G.14.040.00 40G1/4"FFoam Rubber (NR) 1 £27.18 (£32.62 inc VAT)
19VTN.G.14.064.00 64G1/4"FFoam Rubber (NR) 1 £52.33 (£62.80 inc VAT)
19VTN.G.14.092.00 92G1/4"FFoam Rubber (NR) 0 £79.09 (£94.91 inc VAT)
19VTN.G.14.127.00 127G1/4"FFoam Rubber (NR) 0 £166.74 (£200.09 inc VAT)